Updates, revisions, and more

One of the greatest advantages of doing all of our manufacturing in-house is the ability to make revisions and changes on the fly without waiting on outside contractors.

Today, we were able to update our window design significantly, so much so that there is ZERO intervention required by you the customer. This new design allows the window to simply snap together while fitting into the appropriate opening.

Ahhh… technology!


We must apologize for the lack of updates recently, but the combination of family obligations during the holidays and having the flu have pushed back our schedule.

That said, the prototypes will still be ready for their official unveiling at the end of this month. The windows are being 3D printed as this is being written, and it is going to look amazing when it is done. The window castings are based on real-world products, from a well known manufacturer (whose name rhymes with fella LOL)

We are also working diligently to form alliances with those manufacturers who would benefit the tiny house community at large. There are a lot of familiar names on this list, and a few not so familiar. Our goal is to make The Tiny House Planner the go-to resource for anyone planning a build or just daydreaming about one.

Stay tuned!

Hello tiny world!

Hello and welcome to our new website. We are currently creating the prototypes for our Tiny house Planner and are very excited to share it with you before the new year.

Instead of needing expensive, hard to learn software or messing with clunky print yourself paper templates, our Tiny house Planner is a three dimensional kit that easily and accurately assembles into a perfect scale model of your dream tiny house. A full complement of details and accessories are available which will allow you to fully furnish your tiny house model before you ever cut a single 2 by 4.

Our initial offering will feature multiple lengths from 18 to 28 feet, standard or gooseneck trailer options, and the choice of shed or V type roof line. Laser cut and 3D printed for perfect accuracy and the best quality available.

If you are a builder and are looking to have real-world, 3 dimensional prototypes to show your prospective clients, we are interested in working with you.

Watch this space for more news!

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