Hello tiny world!

Hello and welcome to our new website. We are currently creating the prototypes for our Tiny house Planner and are very excited to share it with you before the new year.

Instead of needing expensive, hard to learn software or messing with clunky print yourself paper templates, our Tiny house Planner is a three dimensional kit that easily and accurately assembles into a perfect scale model of your dream tiny house. A full complement of details and accessories are available which will allow you to fully furnish your tiny house model before you ever cut a single 2 by 4.

Our initial offering will feature multiple lengths from 18 to 28 feet, standard or gooseneck trailer options, and the choice of shed or V type roof line. Laser cut and 3D printed for perfect accuracy and the best quality available.

If you are a builder and are looking to have real-world, 3 dimensional prototypes to show your prospective clients, we are interested in working with you.

Watch this space for more news!

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