Patience is a virtue!

We apologize for the length of time that has passed since our last update. The new laser cutter is now in transit to the shop, and we should be up and running in the very near future.
For everyone who is interested in purchasing their own Tiny House Planner, please feel free to drop us a line to place a no-obligation reservation. This will help us plan production runs and keep a proper supply of materials in stock.
Keep the faith!

The center of your tiny universe

The heart of any home is usually the kitchen, and your tiny home shouldn’t be an exception.
Here we see some cabinet variations, along with a standard dishwasher to help you plan that dream kitchen. Keep an eye out later this week for small and large refrigerators, as well as the smallest dishwasher you’ve ever seen.

The list of available interior furnishings just keeps growing!

Beauty is more than skin deep

While we seem to have the exterior treatment for The Tiny House Planner down, we also didn’t forget the interior. After all, the interior is where the most creativity comes into play with a tiny house. To that end, we will be offering an array of appliances and interior pieces to help complete your planner.

Here we see a typical queen sized bed, 24″x36″ RV tub w/surround, 30″ stove, and a combo washer/dryer from a well-known manufacturer.

Stay tuned!

The Grand Unveiling!

Finally. We had our first informal public showing of the completed tiny house planner prototype, and the reception was amazing!

We’d like to thank everyone at the Boston tiny house seminar for their enthusiasm and feedback, as it will be used to help make the production models that much better.

Check back soon both here and on Facebook to see when the production kits go on sale, and watch for an important announcement regarding our association with a major tiny house builder!

A Growing Circle of Friends

We are pleased and proud to announce two new product affiliations today!

The first is HUMLESS. They are one of most comprehensive solar power solutions on the market today. From battery management to complete energy status monitoring, this unique solution has you covered.

Established in 2010, Humless crafts an advanced industrial-strength, integrated power storage system for residential, recreational or commercial use.



The second company manufactures something many tiny house builders forget about. You planned on having a composting toilet to handle your sanitation needs, but where does the dirty water from your sink, shower, and washing machine go? Well, that’s where a greywater system from the Waterwise Group comes into play.

Waterwise Group

Please remember to mention “The Tiny House Planner” when speaking with either of these tiny-friendly companies!

Almost there

Today has been quite a day for progress! Here you can see the wood siding, all cut to size and ready for staining. The windows are all in, and final assembly should take place tomorrow, with the prototype completed for a Friday deadline.

Stay tuned!

Now We’re Cooking!

What good would the only 3 dimensional tiny house planner be if it didn’t address the interior as well? Here we see a standard 30 inch stove sample, hot off the 3D printer. It has been designed to replicate a real-world stove, and matches the scale of the tiny house kit perfectly.

This is just the start of an entire library of household items to furnish your tiny house planner. If it fits in the planner, it will fit in your house!

Almost there…

More progress is being made on the prototype! While this model represents only one size and one style of tiny house, I can see what a valuable tool this will become. It’s so much easier to manipulate the various pieces of the tiny puzzle that will become my house in the real world as opposed to electrons on a computer screen. I think faster and can be more creative using my hands, and isn’t that really the point?

Here you can see how the blank slate of the basic kit gets fleshed out with the printed windows (based on readily available models), which is then followed by the 3D printed windows and doors for the full effect. Next up will be painting and proper siding. Then I’ll know exactly what my house is going to look like without wasting a single 2 by 4!

More soon.

Like a tiny puzzle…

Now that the basic pieces of the prototype are cut out, assembly can begin.

While the hand-cut sample does look good, keep in mind that the actual production pieces will be laser cut for accuracy. They will also have a dimension scale printed on them by the laser to help with measurements and calculations as you plan your dream tiny house.

It’s hard to believe these simple pieces assemble into an accurate scale model of a tiny house so easily. Shown here is a 26′ shed roof style home. Next up, windows and doors. Stay tuned!